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Portable COVID19 Testing Lab

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NEED FOR CONTAINER TEST LAB: Currently India is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire country is vulnerable and the statistics of infected and affected people is growing day by day.…

Why your high-quality lab furniture & fume hoods are corroding? (Part 2)

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Are we using the fumehoods & lab furniture correctly or the way they should be used? Taking it ahead from my previous blog on corrosion in fume hoods, in most…

Why your high-quality lab furniture & fume hoods are corroding? (Part 1)

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In my visit to a few old chemical or pharma research labs, I found that the furniture and fume hoods are corroded. When this was discussed with users & engineering…
Read this guide for your Lab Furniture planning to ensure safety in your Laboratory

19 point guide to Laboratory FURNITURE planning – Indian context

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1.     Nature of the facility and the objective of building it: The pharmaceutical research facility will need a lot of wet labs; but a clinical research facility will need more of…