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What can Research organizations do to improve user safety in Labs?

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Twenty-two months into the pandemic should be a good time to take a hard look at the safety measures taken in our working arena or personal sphere. As lessons learned…

Tips for selecting a lab site in a corporate office building

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Since the last ten years, many labs are being built in spaces meant for offices. If the site selection is not made carefully, the lab users face a lot of…

How to make a journey of designing a laboratory rewarding

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The scientists and the management of a company which is about to embark on a journey of building their newest research centre know the uphill task well enough. Every decision…
interior design of laboratory with analytical balance, furniture, fume hoods

Labs of the Future

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Techno Atheism or technology atheists is a legitimate term in the day and age of rapid technological advancements. Apropos of industries that have turned a blind eye, refusing to accommodate…

The Lab Makers Blueprint

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6 key contributors Before you start a large lab design & construction project, it is crucial to consider several key factors that might affect the project schedule, cost & quality.…

5 factors affecting your fume hood performance

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Research is a serious work and fume hood is a very important piece of this work. Often times, scientist/ project managers tell us, that their labs are very safe to…

Portable COVID19 Testing Lab

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NEED FOR CONTAINER TEST LAB: Currently India is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire country is vulnerable and the statistics of infected and affected people is growing day by day.…

Why your high-quality lab furniture & fume hoods are corroding? (Part 2)

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Are we using the fumehoods & lab furniture correctly or the way they should be used? Taking it ahead from my previous blog on corrosion in fume hoods, in most…

Why your high-quality lab furniture & fume hoods are corroding? (Part 1)

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In my visit to a few old chemical or pharma research labs, I found that the furniture and fume hoods are corroded. When this was discussed with users & engineering…
Read this guide for your Lab Furniture planning to ensure safety in your Laboratory

19 point guide to Laboratory FURNITURE planning – Indian context

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1. Nature of the facility and the objective of building it The pharmaceutical research facility will need a lot of wet labs; but a clinical research facility will need more…
Read this before thinking about getting a turnkey service for your lab setup

Should you opt for turnkey lab setup (Design & Build) services?

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When you decide to build a research lab, there are many activities you have to deal with. Lab design, civil interiors, HVAC, electrical, fire alarm systems, plumbing, drain, gas piping,…
Chemical Fume extraction strategy for making lab safe

6 fume extraction strategies for a research lab

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In a research laboratory, you may need fume extraction systems to take care of chemical fumes. Every time, you need not install a fume hood, which consumes a lot of…