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Read this guide for your Lab Furniture planning to ensure safety in your Laboratory

19 point guide to Laboratory FURNITURE planning – Indian context

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1.     Nature of the facility and the objective of building it: The pharmaceutical research facility will need a lot of wet labs; but a clinical research facility will need more of…
Read this before thinking about getting a turnkey service for your lab setup

Should you opt for turnkey lab setup (Design & Build) services?

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When you decide to build a research lab, there are many activities you have to deal with. Lab design, civil interiors, HVAC, electrical, fire alarm systems, plumbing, drain, gas piping,…
Chemical Fume extraction strategy for making lab safe

6 fume extraction strategies for a research lab

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In a research laboratory, you may need fume extraction systems to take care of chemical fumes. Every time, you need not install a fume hood, which consumes a lot of…