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Since the last ten years, many labs are being built in spaces meant for offices. If the site selection is not made carefully, the lab users face a lot of troubles later. It results in claustrophobic labs, frequent maintenance problems, delayed projects and overshooting of budgets. Hence, the right site selection is very important for a good lab design & build project.

Here are a few essential tips for a site selection in an office building:-

1. Adequate height:

Ensure that you have adequate height available to run ducts, utility lines and also to keep your all equipment.
Inadequate height will pose severe problems for execution and maintenance. Further, the lab space will be claustrophobic for users.

2. Shaft space:

Check that the utility shaft has enough space to run the ducts, utility line, etc till the terrace. Fume hood ducts and supply air ducts need a good space, and if the shaft is already full, you will have to look for an alternative.

3. Location for utility:

Identify the space to keep the HVAC system, pumps, blowers, scrubbers, gas banks etc. If you are going to use the terrace, please check its load-bearing capacity. Also, please check if you have permission to raise the exhaust stack height. Many office buildings do not allow high stack height.

4. ETP provision:

Verify if the premises has permission for an ETP to handle the chemical waste. You will be generating chemical waste. The safe disposal plan has to be planned well while selecting the site.

5. Energy requirements:

Estimate your power requirements and check if the landlord will make it available. Labs need 2 to 3 times more energy and the landlord will have to make special provisions for it.

6. Government permissions:

Consult experts for special environmental/ hazard clearances to set up a lab in that building. If not taken into consideration in the planning stage, this can be a serious bottleneck in the whole process.

If you need support for the evaluation of lab sites, please feel free to connect with us. Our site selection experts will help you do the necessary due diligence and select the right lab space. Write to us at and we will get in touch with you.

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