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LabCheck: Lab Ventilation/Safety Audits

Problems in your facility about Fume Hood containment, VAV systems, exhaust emissions? We can help you identify the root cause and solve those.

With over 100 years of laboratory engineering experience under our belt; we can analyze, diagnose and suggest techno commercially viable solutions. There will be time bound program to implement the recommendations with management commitment.

Typical symptoms of unsafe lab environment
  • Chemical smell
  • Corrosion of equipment and furniture
  • Fume hood low flow alarms
Labcheck audit components
  • Fume hood performance testing as per ASHRAE 110:2016
  • LEV (Spot extractors and Canopy hoods) testing
  • VAV system audit and troubleshooting
  • Supply and Exhaust systems capacity testing and calibration
  • Exhaust emissions scrubbing/ re-entry issues
Typical projects undertaken by SbyD engineering team
  • Testing of Variable air volume system & troubleshooting
  • Exhaust systems faults, Exhaust emissions/ re-entry issues
  • Testing of safety showers as per global norms
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