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SbyD has a rich experience of lab engineering. Our team keeps careful watch on the operational problems in labs and analyses those for safer lab environments. As a result of it, we have created few short training courses for scientists or maintenance/ project professionals. These course will expose them to good practices & international standards for safe lab operations.

Training Topics

The Dos and Don’ts of Fume Hood Safety 

Intended for: Scientists

Fume hoods are of paramount importance in research labs. But wrong practices can make this safety equipment unsafe. This course will train you on safe work practices when using a fume hood, including planning experiments for the fume hood; preparing, operating, and maintaining the fume hood; and understanding features and work practices for specific fume hoods.

Lab ventilation strategies for safe work environment

Intended for: Scientists, maintenance/ project professionals

Apart from fume hoods, there are several non-expensive methods for lab ventilation. The exhaust volume and safety level varies across these methods. This course will introduce you to various options and its advantages and limitations.

Chemical storage: Myths & Facts

Intended for: Scientists, maintenance/ project professionals

Flammable chemical storage and acid storage has been a debatable issue. Even there are different standards for the same in US and Europe. This course will clarify the misunderstanding and will explain the right methods for storage inside and outside the lab.

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