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Our Turnkey Case Studies

IRRI project

From small lab troubleshooting services to large full turnkey solutions; we are able to complete jobs on a wide scale of sizes. Working closely with all of our clients, we tailor our services to the exact specifications of each job. Food, analytical laboratories are among the featured case studies, further demonstrating our versatility and ability to work across different sectors.

Each of our case studies outline the brief of the job at hand, before detailing how we completed the project and managed any issues which arose. Using our close relationships with many of the vendors and contractors, we can help you compile a team of professionals to complete every aspect of lab creation or furnishing.

If you believe that your workforce deserves a better working environment, with cutting edge technology and laboratory facilities, SbyD may be able to help. To discuss how we could help develop your dream work environment, please get in touch with us.



Category Pharma Research
Location Genome Valley, Hyderabad
Area 9,000 sq. ft.
Project Duration 3 months
Year 2020

In the early months of 2020, USP, India began their next phase of expansion of R&D facilities in the IKP building. SbyD was appointed to take up complete laboratory and office design, along with civil interior, modular furniture, electrical, FAS, ACS, CCTV, utility design, VAV, exhaust duct, dry along with wet scrubbers supply and installation.

Our scope of work included design and build of Synthetic lab, Obnoxious lab, HPLC Lab, Instrument lab, Prep LC lab and GC lab. Furthermore, we designed and executed office spaces for chemist seating areas for both Synthetic and HPLC labs, meeting rooms, network room, UPS room, conference rooms and breakout areas. We also undertook the dismantling, shifting and re-installation of existing fume hoods from their existing facility to the new building (second floor) in the same specified duration of 3 months.

We delivered the project withing the specified time frame, though the challenges were posed due to Covid 19 breakout, such as cordinating with HVAC and Sprinkler external team for MEP works, civil, IT team. Another technical issue was inadequate height between true ceiling and false ceiling for MEP works.

USP also marked our biggest dry scrubbers installation for CAV hoods, along with spot extractors and chemical storages instead of wet scrubbers because of a number of advantages. The use of dry scrubber proved effective due to its unparalleled attributes such as easy installation, lesser space requirement, less weight, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, low pressure drop, absence of need of pump, water, drain.

Sai Life Sciences Ltd.


Category Pharma Research
Location Genome Valley Hyderabad
Area 83,000 sq. ft.
Project Duration 6 months
Year 2019

Sai Life Sciences Ltd. is one of the fastest growing outsourced pharma research companies in India. At the turn of the decade, their rapid growth was marked by a phase-wise expansion of laboratory facilities in Genome valley. In the first phase we were appointed to design and build laboratory setup which spans over 83,000 sq. Four storied building was handed over to us in November with completion deadline set as 1st April ft. This has been a mammoth project with a stringent timeline to adhere to. We have been involved in HVAC, Civil, Electrical and GDS work to be completed with the help of over ten vendors and suppliers from across the country.

  • State of the art lab
  • Open ceiling
  • Evaporative cooling
  • 300 fume hoods
  • Co-located analytical labs
  • Co-located chemical storages

International Rice Research Institute(IRRI)


Category Food testing Labs/ sensory labs
Location Varanasi
Area 40000 Sq. Ft.
Project Duration 4 months
International Rice Research Institute- Manila, Philipines (IRRI) had decided to set-up their SAARC center in Varanasi. Government of India has invited and offered them 40,000 sq feet space in Varanasi. IRRI appointed us and gave a mammoth task of designing and completing the whole project in 4 months. The scope included various food testing labs, analytical labs, sensory room, chemical storage, archives area, office spaces, cafeteria, training rooms, Director’s cabin- all spread across 2 floors.
The challenge was the old building itself. It had various issues related to stability and leakages. Also, the project timeline was very tight. The MEP & architectural design was completed in 1 month and execution was completed in 3 months. The site was managed by our team of 1 manager, 2 project engineers managing 5 vendors.
Meticulous planning and good vendor support helped us achieve what was thought impossible. The daily average of 100 workers and at the peak, 250 workers were working on site. In spite of local material sourcing constraints and nation-wide 10 days transport strike, the project was completed safely, on time and with quality. PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the labs in 29th December 2018; which was attended by our team as well.

Mars International India Pvt. Ltd, Pune


Category Food
Location Pune
Area 7000 Sq. Ft.
Project Duration 4 months
Year 2016

Mars Chocolate- a well-known global brand from USA. Mars was setting up their first own factory in India at Pune and they wanted to have the same high standards here as in their global QC labs. We designed the chemical lab, micro lab and sensory lab to suit Mars brand colors with various finishes. Our scope included complete laboratory interior design, HVAC, electrical, FAS, PA systems and utility design. We prepared the complete specification as per the requirements of each lab. For example, Corian worktop & SS304 lab furniture was chosen for Micro Lab Class II with Epoxy flooring, whereas Ceramic worktop & powder coated furniture for Chemical & Sensory lab with Vinyl flooring. Separate sensory lab was designed and built to suit sensory tasting requirements with 6 tasting booths.

Our scope included Project Management for this project to help client choose the right vendors for labs. The project involved various vendors of international repute like Kewaunee, IClean, Blue star, Schneider etc. and the outcome is a beautifully built lab.

Manisha Analytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


Category Pharma Analytical Lab
Location Mira Road, Mumbai
Area 9000 Sq. Ft. – two floors
Project Duration 6 months
Year 2016

Manisha Analytical Labs is a third-party pharma analytical testing lab and as a part of its expansion plans, wanted to build a world class lab for its national and international business. We executed the project from the plans submitted by their architects. There were in all 2 floors of a brand new commercial building, which had height constraints. The scope involved building several labs like various instrumentation labs, HPLC lab, GC lab, Hot room, wash room etc.

Other lab office areas included various cabins, workstations, documentation room, conference rooms, server room, UPS room and cafeteria. We selected premium vendors like Daikin, GD Lab Solutions, Kompress for the critical lab requirements. The lab furniture is furnished with Trespa tops and metal powder coated chemical resistant lab furniture. Stability chamber room was also built to fit in Newtronics Stability chambers.

DFE Pharma


Category R&D Formulation development
Location Hyderabad
Area 9000 SFT
Project Duration 4 months
Year 2022
Scope Design & Build, Formulation Lab, Analytical Lab


DFE Pharma is a global leader in pharma- and nutraceutical excipient solutions.The roots of DFE Pharma date back to more than 100 years ago, when two dairy producers, in both the Netherlands and New Zealand, gradually transformed into modern producers of lactose excipients and joined to become the world’s leading excipient manufacturer.
SbyD was appointed to take up complete laboratory and office design, along with civil interior, modular furniture, electrical, FAS, ACS, CCTV, utility design, VAV, exhaust duct, dry along with wet scrubbers, Lab furniture and Fumehoods supply and installation.

Our scope of work included design and build of Formulation Lab, Analytical lab. Furthermore, we designed and executed office spaces for chemist seating areas for both Formulation and Analytical lab , meeting rooms, training room, conference rooms and breakout areas. We delivered the project within the specified time frame.

Mobile Covid Lab

  • A versatile Mobile Testing Laboratory for Infectious diseases including Covid 19, Sars, Mers and any pathogenic disease
  • Primary purpose – to extend the “Reach of Testing” to remote places
  • BSL 2 laboratory, meeting or exceeding WHO, CDC and ICMR standards
  • Test capacity of 100 COVID- 19 samples in 4hours i.e. 300 samples / 12hours
  • Software capabilities can be used to control Infectious Disease epidemics