Look at usual things with unusual eyes.
– Vico Magistretti

About SbyD

A team of laboratory engineers, product designers and researchers innovating lab products for past 20 years.

Since 2015, we have been promoting customized, flexible, user-oriented products to suit the requirements of scientists.

We see opportunities in wide areas of laboratory support infrastructure, where our products have made difference. The health of the scientists is one such area where our well engineered product, Aero Series, has made a difference.

In 2018 we launched another product which ensures well-filtered emission from laboratories. Its our Aero Dry Scrubber which is widely accepted in urban areas where Residential Areas coexist with Lab Spaces.

Our expert engineers are all ears to hear your problem areas and propose a fitting solution.

SbyD Lab Engineering Expert and Equipment Manufacturer

Our Story

MARCH 2015
Starting afresh
After 17 years of industry experience, Salil started afresh with motive of filling the gap between lab planners & lab users

Salil started a new beginning with the idea of making labs more secure

MAY 2015
What’s in the name?
Sciencebydesign was born with 3 employees. True to its name, the team starts studying ecosystem, re-imagining solutions & re-inventing products

SciencebyDesign was born in May 2015
Successfully completed Project with Tata Chemical Trusts


First test
Tata Chemical trusts Sbyd with fast track lab construction project.

OCT 2015
Architectural connect
Well known lab architect trusts us to build state-of-the-art 7000 sq feet pharma lab in Mumbai

Development of 7000 sq. ft. Pharma Lab in Mumbai by SbyD
Knowledge sharing platform in India at DELabCon

APR 2016
New Feather: DELabCon
Created an excellent knowledge sharing platform for lab design community in India since last 3 years – 2016 Mumbai, 2017 Bangalore, 2018 Hyderabad.

SbyD provided specialized and reliable products for Sitec, Syngene, Mylan, TIFR, Huntsman

Becoming Technologists
Listen – Explore – Build
Build many specialized products for Sitec, Syngene, Mylan, TIFR, Huntsman

Chocolates & Batteries
Mars Chocolates, Gegadyne completed in trademark fast track fashion

Mars Inc and Gegadyne

Safety first
Re-imagined safety of scientists, developed Aero series enclosures for Syngene

Ensured Safety of Lab Engineers and Scientists
Developed 1 product at a time

One product at a time
Conceptualized and developed sink neutralizer & AVT enclosures


Understanding the need of the hour, dry scrubber (simple to install, easy to maintain, low running cost) was launched

Easy to handle, Reliable, Low running cost and Environmental friendly Aero Dry Scrubber
Built a 40,000 sq. ft. research center at Varanasi by SbyD

JUNE 2018
Varanasi Calling
For IRRI-Manila, Philippines; built 40,000 sq feet research center at Varanasi. Another fast track project, inaugurated by PM

Working and Consulting Merck, IIT Bombay, SNC Lavalin – Qatar

Expanding horizons
Currently consulting Merck, IIT-Bombay, SNC Lavalin – Qatar to bridge gap between planners and users.