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Our Process for Turnkey Services

If you are designing a brand new lab or want to renovate your existing lab, we can be a good resource to you. A lab project is complex- and no two labs are the same. The design, the systems needed for it and the operational procedure always demand a special working environment. Hence, it translates into different designs of lab furniture, HVAC needs, electrical, utilities, agronomical requirements. We stay attuned to your inherent needs and try to be consistent with basic rules and norms for working processes and safety equipment’s and devices.

Design Process

Our lab specialist architects & consultants will closely work with your team to understand your needs. These needs will be amalgamated with global relevant standards. Accordingly, lab’s concept design will take shape.

turnkey lab project process for design by sbyd

Execution Process

If you choose us as your execution vendor, we will build the lab exactly the way it is designed and specified. Our in-house project management team will take over the site and then lab construction will be a seamless process. Our own specialist lab contractors and technicians follow the safety norms and typical working procedures to the ‘T’.

Turnkey lab laboratory build execution process by SbyD