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Neutro Neutralization Tank

If you work in a lab without proper ETP, acid neutralization tank is a very good option for you. It is designed to normalize the pH level of acidic water before being discharged into the drain pipe. An acid neutralizing tank has four compartments and two are filled with the acid neutralizing agent. The four compartments are designed such that they force the acidic wastewater flowing through the tank to filter past the neutralizing agent. This has the effect of neutralizing the acid thus allow pH balanced water to be safely discharged to the drain. You not only protect the environment but also ensure longer life of your drain piping system.



  • Easy to install. Fits easily under the existing sink
  • Robust design in polypropylene
  • Easy maintenance

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 490 mm L X 330 mm W X 270 mm H
  • Water holding capacity: 20 Liters
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Inlet drain dia 50 mm female connection
  • Outlet dia 50 mm male connection
  • Required filling: 12.5 kg neutralization grains