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Bigneat Ductless Hoods

Clients include biological, chemical, electronics, food, government, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, photonics, universities, schools and in industry, for QA/research laboratories and sterile production

Reliable and Safe Bigneat Ductless Fume Cabinets and Hoods

Ductless Hoods

When you want a ductless fume cabinet or hood to contain and remove hazardous fumes, vapours, gases and/or particulates in your laboratory turn to Chemcap Clearview.

Safe and Reliable Bigneat Powder Handling Cabinets for protection from particles

Powder Handling Cabinets

Powder Weighing Cabinet for operator protection from particles whilst weighing and handling powders. These cabinets have a very small footprint and excellent all-round vision.

Bigneat Storage Cabinets for chemicals - Safe, Reliable and Durable

Storage Cabinets

Ventilated chemical storage cabinets remove vapours from evaporation drips and open containers. It contributes considerably to improve air quality within the laboratory.

About Bigneat

Since 1972 Bigneat, UK has firmly established itself as a world-class manufacturer of clean air, hazard containment and safety systems to scientific laboratories; Utilising Carbon and HEPA filtration technology for capture and removal of airborne hazards both fume and particulate.