Aero Dry Scrubber

  • Specifically designed for laboratories situated in urban areas
  • Meeting pollution control requirements
  • Prevention of re-entry of contaminants in the laboratory
  • Effective option to a wet scrubber

Certification by INTERTEK

Aero Dry Scrubber has been tested and certified by Intertek.

Carbon Filter Basics

It produces millions of pores of molecular dimension that make up a great surface area with a ratio probably larger than 2,000 m2 per gram of activated carbon.

Clean Air
Array of Carbon Beds
Pre-filter Assembly
Chemical Fumes

Proactively responding to the challenges for environmental protection

  • Aero Dry Scrubber was specifically designed for research laboratories having multiple fume hoods. Due to its high efficiency, it not only meets pollution control requirements but also prevents re-entry of chemical fumes back into the laboratory.
  • 25% reduced energy consumption as compared to wet scrubber, makes this a favourite product for companies aiming at energy efficiency. Also it does not require water as a media.
  • Furthermore, lightweight makes it quick to install, and unique design makes it easy to maintain.

About SbyD

SbyD is a team of expert laboratory engineers, who have a rich experience in laboratory design and execution- be at R&D, QC, Application or Process Development lab. We have worked with food, pharma, chemical, automotive, educational, research, biotech, CRO labs and have good exposure to the typical lab equipments & work practices. We also understand global standards like GLP, OSHA, SEFA, ASHRAE, ANSI, NFPA very well and adopt those in our designs to build high quality & energy efficient labs.