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Benefits of our Turnkey Services

We are specialist in lab engineering with cumulative experience of 100 years in lab designing & building. It helps for faster quality execution. We have very closely worked with MNCs- so excellent understanding of the global standards and its implementation. We also have a team of engineers, who knows the typical problem at the time of commissioning- hence we design to build.

Singular Responsibility

With both design and construction in the hands of SbyD, we become the single point of responsibility for the quality, cost, and schedule adherence. Our team is motivated to deliver a successful project by fulfilling multiple parallel objectives, including aesthetic and functional quality, budget, and schedule for timely completion.


Your requirements and expectations are documented in performance terms and it is our responsibility to produce results accordingly. During the construction process, this attention to quality will guide us till project completion.

Time Savings

One of the most important benefits of doing design and build from a single vendor is total design and construction time can be reduced by at least by 30%. SbyD ensures material, equipment procurement and construction work begin before the construction documents are fully completed.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Your administrative burden is relieved since you are not required to invest time and money in coordinating and negotiating between separate contracts of design and construction vendors.

Improved Risk Management

Performance aspects of cost, schedule and quality are clearly defined and responsibilities/risks are appropriately balanced. Eliminating reworks due to errors while each phase of execution.

Choice To Select Lab Furniture Vendor

We give you the freedom to select lab furniture vendor, as per your requirement.  We have already worked with reputed brands like Kewaunee, GDLS etc.

Standards we follow

Indian Standards

US Standards

European/DIN Standards