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Alsident Spot Extractors

Alsident Systems have designed their extraction arms to reach a high standard and durability. Made in aluminium or polypropylene, with easily movable joints made of  polypropylene.  Alsident® extraction arms have a unique damper inside the joint which is totally out of the airflow in open position.

Key Features
  • Made in aluminium or polypropylene
  • Flexible & Durable
  • Handy & Easy to Clean
  • Robust
Applicable in
  • Pharma Laboratories
  • Chemical Manufacturing

Do you know?

Alsident also has an airflow alarm for monitoring airflow.

Reliable Alsident Spot Extractor by SbyD


ALSIDENT was founded in Denmark in 1976, focusing on the dental supply industry.

The company went on to specialise in extraction arms for use in laboratories and customers soon included the electronics industry and other markets as well, making Alsident System A/S the world leader in extraction arms.

The global reach of Alsident System A/S spans more than 50 countries.