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Aero Equipment Enclosures

Aero Enclosures are widely used for Rotavapours, Weighing Balances, Microscopes, Aerosol Testing, Sample Preparation. It bridges the gap between inefficient spot extractor and expensive fume hood. It also enhances equipment life and performance by effective extraction of chemical fumes.

Do you know?

The biggest customized Aero Enclosure was 10m long and was delivered and installed in 3 weeks.

Aero Equipment Enclosure used for Rotavapours, Weighing Balances, Microscopes, Aerosol Testing, Sample Preparation
Electric Sockets
Glass Sliding Doors
Airflow Monitor
Water/Gases/Vacuum/CA Taps

Types of Aero Enclosures

Aero can be customized for wide range of sizes and utility services like TEL Monitors, Broen Taps, Dampers etc. according to user needs. It can be used in a clean room, chemistry laboratories as well as biopharma laboratories, for healthy working environment.

Aero for Island table

Aero with Frame table

Aero for 20L Rotavapour

L-Shape Aero

Salient Features

  • Dampers
    Air flow supply can be efficiently regulated.
  • Broen Taps
    Sturdy and long lasting broen taps for water/ burning gasses/vaccume etc.
  • Sliding Doors
    Two side access with robust sliding doors.
  • TEL Monitor
    Effective measuring of air flow.
  • Electrical Connections
    As per your lab layout


  • Aero can be designed to accommodate any size
  • It fits into existing infrastructure seamlessly
  • Easy to install
  • Can be moved when needed without much hassles
  • Complete worktop area can be utilized for the effective use

Application areas

  • Contract Research Organizations(CRO)
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Bio-Pharma
  • Chemical research laboratories

About SbyD

SbyD is a team of expert laboratory engineers, who have a rich experience in laboratory design and execution- be at R&D, QC, Application or Process Development lab. We have worked with food, pharma, chemical, automotive, educational, research, biotech, CRO labs and have good exposure to the typical lab equipments & work practices. We also understand global standards like GLP, OSHA, SEFA, ASHRAE, ANSI, NFPA very well and adopt those in our designs to build high quality & energy efficient labs.