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VAV Designing


The newest generations of laboratory fume hoods vary the volume of room air exhausted while maintaining the face velocity at a predetermined level. Variable air volume hoods change the exhaust volume using different methods, such as a damper or valve in the exhaust duct that opens and closes based on sash position, or a blower that changes speed to meet air-volume demands. Most VAV hoods are connected electronically to the laboratory building’s HVAC, so hood exhaust and room supply are balanced. In addition, VAV hoods feature monitors and/or alarms that warn the operator of unsafe hood-airflow conditions

VAV systems are complex in designing and commissioning. SbyD’s experienced lab engineers design VAV system, exactly as per your needs. The various approaches used by us are either volumes based or velocity based or sash position based. We assure you that our design will bring minimum 50% savings in terms of energy and running costs. Our services here will include:

  • Understanding the user requirements and diversity testing
  • Designing of the VAV system
  • Estimating the energy saving
  • Preparing the BOQ and budget

These services are available for OEM fume hood manufacturers, the lab designers and the end users too.